Norazlina Najmudin
Managing Director

Norazlina Najmudin

Norazlina Najmudin is the Managing Director of Merong Freight Services and Co – Founder in 3 other company under Merong GROUP, which is Merong Resources, Merong Engineering and Rich & Rich Consultancy Services Sdn Bhd. Norazlina qualified Chartered Marketer (MCIM) from The Chartered Institute of Marketing in the United Kingdom. She has nearly 18 years’ experience in various industries including banking, electrical engineering, logistics and retail. Norazlina capable to motivate employees and train them under management by the application of psychological approaches. She is also a qualified Certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for Educators.

Business Experience
Norazlina Najmudin had experience working in Logistic Company. During her services, she was responsible for setting up a subsidiary in London, United Kingdom. She was assigned to introduce air and sea shipping services to companies and government agencies that are there, and have supplemented the company’s earnings in the first 6 months. In her career she had the opportunity to visit all the logistics agents abroad and signed international cooperation agreements, which now form the backbone of international freight services for Merong Freight.

Organized and multi-tasked project manager for large scale national marketing endeavors with strong emphasis on result tracking. She always strive to value her clients as a life-time partners and views them as top priorities.

Personal Experience
Her experience is inspiring when she successfully developed a transportation company in London, UK in 2008. She successfully and strategically maintained her business relationship with more than 20 international agent worldwide which become an important asset for her business leads. In 2015, she has been selected as a MDEC trainer for the eUsahawan program to provide access and skill the entrepreneurs to start the Digital Online Business. She has been successful trained of more than 1000 entrepreneur within a year. Other, she is an active consultant for the BAHTERA ER360 Specialist, the Bull Eye Coach under Ministry of Finance Program.