Our road freight offer high quality land transportation, from standard services such as Less-than-Truck Load (LTL), Part-Truck-Load (PTL) or Full-Truck-Load (FTL) shipment to temperature controlled and highly secured transports.

Fulfill Needs

We provide comprehensive logistics solutions, tailored to fulfill customers’ delivery service requirements with single point of contact for all your needs.


Using our premium road logistics services, which cover domestic and cross border movements with utmost regards for safety and security.

Our Road Freight Services Offers:


Trucking Services

Trucking Services are most reliable and flexible ground transportation services tailored to specific logistical and budget needs. We do domestic and international.


House/Office Moving

House/Office Moving services provides with worry and hassle-free moving. Our professional house moving team will handle your moving preparation till finish.

Frequently Ask Question

Road freight forwarding is basically the physical movement or processing cargo over the land from a point “A” to another point “B” through trucks, trailers or rail.

It doesn’t make sense to ask for a road transport quotation for a shipment from Kuala Lumpur to Sabah. So in order for the road freight movement to be a good option, the delivery point has to be accessible by land and both points have land borders connecting them for international land freight shipping.

Also for Full Truck Loads FTL, it is good to compare rates with Sea Freight FCL options ( Full Container Load ) as it may be more cost-efficient to move by sea. For small shipments moved as LTL (Less than Truck Load), we can always compare with airfreight keeping in mind that airfreight most probably will be faster to reach the destination. However, airfreight is only valid domestically in larger countries with multiple airports.

  • Call us for advise
  • Get to know what need to prepare by you and list we do for you.
  • Buy boxes
  • Try to get free boxes at any convenience shop or shopping complex.
  • Make a Checklist
  • You can do this job step-by-step and go through every room of your house to decide what you want to keep and what to get rid of.
  • Separate the valuable items.
  • Keep such item like jewellery and important files in a safe box.
  • Pack one room at a time.
  • This is the most important packing tip, especially when relocating.
  • Label your box
  • Each box should be written its contents clearly with a marker
  • Pack your fragile items separately.
  • For example, wrap glass, framework picture items with old newspaper to prevent it from breaking.


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