About Us


We offer a wide range of supply chain consulting, logistics services management, freight cost reduction services. If your goals include optimizing your distribution network, our logistic optimization techniques will work to configure the best arrangements for your organization. Whatever your need in Supply Chain Management, Logistics, or Freight Transportation, we probably have the resources and knowledge required to get the job done.

Doing logistic will require significant internal teamwork. Logistics effectiveness is not a quick fix. determined effort and cooperation, both internally, with suppliers and with customers.

Logistics effectiveness can build competitive advantage by providing excellent service to customers, even a value-added service capability. Product differentiation and price differentiation are important to customers. But so is service. If all you really focus on is price issues, you could be treating your products as a commodity. And with commodities, the only that distinguishes competitors is price.

Logistics can create competitive advantage. Shipping orders complete, accurate and on-time can set you apart from the competition. Ease in communicating with customers on their orders and shipments makes you more friendly to deal with. Go beyond to develop tailored, customized logistics programs for customers, rather than offering a vanilla approach, shows true customer service.

We'll find the right solutions for your company. By understanding your needs and then evaluating your current operations, we will identify areas where potential savings and other benefits exist for your organization. You'll receive a report from us detailing projected savings a strategy for improving your supply chain, logistics, and transportation activities. Then, with your approval, our knowledgeable logistics and freight consultants will go to work to maximize the value of your supply chain — driving new profits to your company's bottom line.

Norazlina Najmudin (MCIM,UK)

Managing Director